Sunday, September 17, 2006

Windows live writer is catastrophically broken

As with other microsoft editors, live writer decides that it will kindly reformat your HTML for you. By 'reformat' I mean "remove all the line breaks"

Now, if you're just having a rant, like I am here, you really don't care. So long as the HTML isn't full of <p><p></p></p> like so many other WSIWYG editor outputs, or has (god forbid) css classes of -mso-x-y-random-otherthing everywhere, I don't mind

Except though, when you're trying to write a post which contains code, and that code is inside a white-space:pre; element, like I am. Then, you care a lot about programs that delete all your newlines and turn your 6 line clearly-written code example into a gibbering mess.

It turns out also, that if you tell live writer to download your existing blog posts from blogger, so you can spruce them up a bit with some WSIWYG loving, it removes all your newlines too, so if you dare republish them, they'll be a gibbering mess too.

So, I ask you, windows live writer team. What the hell kind of good is the HTML editing mode if the app is just going to reformat and screw over any HTML you care to write? Why not just change the menu item to spawn a dialog which says "ALL YOUR HTML ARE BELONG TO US." and then quit the app? That at least would have saved me a bunch of time.

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BlackTigerX said...

you just need the syntax highlighter plugin