Thursday, January 10, 2008

Paragon NTFS for mac update

In the comments of my last blog about the quick hack benchmark I did of paragon NTFS for mac OS X, Anatoly, the product manager from paragon replied. I'm reposting it here so it's not hidden behind that tiny little '1 comments' link at the bottom of the post.
Dear Orion,

My name is Anatoly.
I am Product Manager for Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X driver.

Thank you for your time and efforts to measure the performance of Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X driver.

Frankly speaking your results are not exactly correct for real time usage of the driver.
First of all, the Finder application handles files (copy, create,...) using 2MB block size rather than 512B you tested (the "dd if=//tmp/bigfile of=/dev/null" command uses 512KB block size by default).
Second, to get precise figures you have to unmount/mount partitions every time you perform any test (the reason you got - 87.45MB/Sec). 

So, we retested our driver and would like to show you our results.
We used commands that are similar to yours:

For write:
dd if=/dev/random of=/Volumes/bigfile bs=2m count=100

For read:
dd if=/Volumes/bigfile of=/dev/null bs=2m

HFS+ Firewire: 
Write (MiB/sec) - 4,26; 
Read (MiB/sec) - 36,06.

NTFS Firewire: 
Write (MiB/sec) - 4,24; 
Read (MiB/sec) - 35,26.

Please note in case we will use "bs=1m" we get:

HFS+ Firewire: 
Write (MiB/sec) - 4,34; 
Read (MiB/sec) - 39,29. 

NTFS Firewire: 
Write (MiB/sec) - 4,30; 
Read (MiB/sec) - 42,25. 

According to our tests we can assert that our driver has the same performance as the native HFS+ driver has.

Let me know if I am wrong.

Thank you,
Well, Wow. I always feel special when important people from companies reply to me! If anyone is looking for numbers, use those ones, as he obviously is far more clued up about it than I am.

I completely agree with his assertion that the driver performs as well as native HFS+

At any rate, I'd already purchased the product, and it's been great. If you are like me and need to access NTFS drives from your mac, you really should buy it.


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